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About Us

Indian Flyash Bricks is one of the largest manufacturers of flyash bricks ,solid blocks, cellular light weight (clc) blocks and paver blocks in Coimbatore since 2011. Indian flyash bricks team is very particular and keen in maintaining a superior quality, assured and committed supply, as well as competitive pricing in the market. Apart from this the team is is also always a head in implementing latest technologies and well known for its R&D in order to meet out the competition and focusing the cutting edge.

Strength of production The company has a remarkable capacity of producing more than 850000 Flyash brick per annum consistently simultaneously it also produces more than 600000 solid blocks of various sizes per annum. Cellular light weight blocks is a new product for the company with a capacity of 500000 blocks of various sizes which has been introduced by the team in the middle of 2018. The team is very proud to say that it is the first of its class to manufacture clc blocks in Coimbatore. Pavers(ordinary and rubber mould) are also one of our prestigious product which has a capacity of producing more than 600000lakh sqft per annum in a unique way of various designs .

The Indian flyash bricks team is also very concern In environment one of the main cause for establishing the company Is to safe guard the natural resources which takes many decades to form .

Valuable points to remember and to transfer for our next generation

→ It takes 3000 years to accumulate enough substance to make a soil fertile (clay and red soil or used in red bricks in large scale)-no natural soil used in flyash brick manufacturing process.

→ A well grown tree needs at least 30 years to grow-(in red brick process wood is playing a major role and it produces large scale of carbondioxide in the environment while burning)-no wood is used in flyash brick manufacturing process .

→ Think honestly the earth is not only for us there are so many creatures and generations yet to lead a beautifull life in this earth including our sons and daughters don’t make the earth a toughest one to live.